Sunday, July 13, 2008

Glass and Cotton

Glass, Cotton and the Blues

Found some interesting things on Etsy, using crochet in jewelry.

Folks are so clever and creative, they come up with some unique solutions!

This is by someone in Israel,
crocheted with wire. Her name is Yael, from her Etsy shop Yoola, wouldn't it look great with a big art bead or glass link on it?

Look at this one, this colorful piece is a
bracelet crocheted in cotton and closed with shell buttons. The artists are two sisters in Melbourne, Australia, Brigitte and Janine, in their Etsy shop Gitte. Could see using handmade art bead buttons for the closure, or adding lampwork beads to the crocheted bracelet for some bling.

Finally, look at this necklace made of cotton, an explosion of crocheted color jewelry. It's from Etsy shop Subrosa123 from Sarajevo, Bosnia.

Might be fun to combine crocheted beads with glass, polymer clay and silver along with the colorful cotton thread crochet necklace. It's fun to see an old art re-invented and reinterpreted, from irish lace crochet flower units used for dressy white lace changed up to use as crocheted funky beads in a necklace, or a crochet pattern usually for floor rugs converted into a design for a chunky colorful wearable bracelet.

Ideas old, made new again! And so fun and diverse, sparks all kind of interesting possiblities.


Had good luck yesterday with getting more fused and enameled glass out of the kiln, still need to put the clear glass caps on top and do the shaping of the beads. With the rain cooling things down outdoors, it wasn't too hot running the kiln in Studio B.

The Autumn Belle Armoire Jewelry issue features this little glass piece, with its Eiffel Tower charm and beveled glass. along with a couple of other glass and enamel pieces.

The title of the article hasn't been finalized yet, but the subject is how to embed the images and color inside the beveled glass using the enamel colors.

The jewelry hasn't come back from the photographer yet, can't wait for it to be back again. It was one of the first pieces created using the combination of the glass and enamel fused together.

Have learned a lot more about combining the glass and enamel during the fusing, and how the glass reacts to the enamel colors. Still really like this little glass piece that says 'post card' in french on the front of the beveled glass.

The reverse side of this little beveled glass emblem has a red star inside it, like a postal insignia on an antique french postcard.

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