Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Beadarizzia Roma

Beading Time Traveler

Have been making more faux-tique beads this week, changing gears a little from the glass and silver work that's been the focus lately, back to the textures and colors of the invented vintage style beads.

The colors of the current batch of beads are warm and very ceramic-looking, like glazed terra cotta or the sienna and umber colors of the earth.
Like the colors of stucco walls in houses in Tuscany.

To me, some resemble white bisque fired clay, with wear and showing a lot of rustic aging. And others look like marble or limestone chipped off an old building, or parts from ancient grecian architecture. Crosses, crowns and filigree trims.

Like a piece of tile or stone uncovered in an archeological dig, an artificial artifact. Something from Pompeii, or the ancient hills of Rome.

Made a 'Wings' focal bead to use in another amulet ornament piece for the Art Bead Etsy shop.

Want to try to be more consistent with the bead designs, to create some that can be reproduced fairly often. None are ever identical, but to have some that are regularly available is a good goal to work toward.

Still playing with the idea of the closure being an integrated part of the design, right up in front and a featured and very visible bead. The large square mauve bead on the right will be part of a clasp, with a hand forged wire hook through it, and a double strand of beads or pearls coming off the right hand side through the holes. Or maybe strands of seed beads looped through the holes in the bead.

Some have wire wrapped attachments, and some have holes through, either side-to-side or top to bottom. Could use some to make tassles, or lariats. May combine with some charms made from strips of etched copper.

Have to get these sanded, buffed and polished to finish them. So, should I use them to make up into finished jewelry myself, or post the beads on their own to spark the creativity of other designers to use in their jewelry? What do you say ... ?


Lorelei Eurto said...


LLYYNN - Lynn Davis said...

Thanks, Lorelei! You are a treasure!

Gaea said...

These are so beautiful! I feel like I'm on a fancy European vacation!

The Bead Gypsy said...

Here's my selfish answer: post separately that way I can buy some :-D

LLYYNN - Lynn Davis said...

You guys are so funny, love it! I posted some already on the expeditionD site - and some I'm still scheming and planning about how I might use them ... but I can make more!