Saturday, August 16, 2008

Bead Pile in Style

I spent the morning in Studio B (basement) firing up the kiln, cutting glass and working with silver. The kiln is cooling. I have silver links to make later, and some silver clay disks.

The kiln has to be free from the fired glass before I can fire some silver metal clay. This is the reason some folks have more than one kiln, I just wait and turn to something else while I wait.

So while I waited, I did get a pile of beads ready for the expeditionD site, and some for jewelry pieces on the lynndavis etsy shop.

They are all different, and they look really old and antique to me, like the results of a flea market shopping trip or finding a box of treasures in the attic.

They have a dark patina metal wrap and loops. Some are matched sets and some are single beads. There are whimsical beads, and spiritual beads. Some look like folk art, and others like ancient artifacts. There are glass flower power beads, and gear earrings. I will get them on the Etsy site soon.

But I wanted to play with these first, to get them ready to use. I enjoy looking at them, thinking about ways to use them with beads or chain.

And I pulled together some of my hand dyed acrylic bicone and costume pearl beads in a golden yellow color, some seed beads, and some of the zephyr bisque colored beads.

I put the zephyr bisque heart on steel wire wrap with dyed bicone acrylic beads and little glass seed bead dangles

Want to use memory wire with the seed beads, to make a bracelet using the oval and square zephyr beads.

I loved reading all your comments about the two little giveaway beads, it's always fun for me to hear the thoughts and funny stories you post in the comments.

Here's an announcement! TA DA - the bomber leather tooled book cover buffalo indiana jones dark chocolate beads were won by ..... AMANDA!


Amanda said...

I think I just woke up my entire house... thank you so much!

I love that combination you have going with the zephyr heart. The lovely golden color of the seed beads makes the overall effect very rich and syrupy - it's delightful. (:

That cross bead is definitely at the top of the "antique-looking" list, to me. It looks very wooden (many do, but the wood look fits this bead well), and it's styled just right. Very attractive!

LLYYNN said...

YAY, Amanda - When you make something with the little beads if you post on your blog let me know!

I didn't have time (or in truth, desire to go out) for antique shopping so my response is to make some faux-tiques instead! Takes longer but it is fun to do.