Friday, August 8, 2008

Ghostly Pale

Bisque Du Jour

Got a mention today on PolymerClayDaily website, following the legend and the saga of the faux lithophane beads. And about the faux ceramic beads.

And tomorrow it's my day to do Studio Saturday for the Art Bead Scene blog. The theme for August is 'Something to Say' - if you have beaded words or worded beads, be sure to enter them for consideration as the Designer of the Week.

Considering combining the Zephyr Stone beads with Wordiness and having a Talking Zephyr bead. If I get that worked out I'll share it on the Art Bead Scene blog.

Historically ceramic porcelain, litophanes were not colored but were creamy ivory bisque ceramic. The photo on the right of the Zephyr Round Bisque is the first bead lithophane replica that I made, with the creamy color and the deep detail. When I read more background about lithophanes I learned that some of them were hand-colored, like old photograhs, with the pale colors on top of the images, ghostly and faintly pastel.

So I mixed up some colors of deep rose, merlot wine color, chestnut brown and a mossy green, to use and give them that antique vintage color feeling. Next is to mix up some blues, teals and deep turquoise colors.


HINT Jewelry Design said...

Looking forward to the blue ones too! Can't wait for pictures

LLYYNN said...

Most people don't look for the blues, but now that I am they are elusive ... maybe it's just too sunny and bright and I need a good thunderstorm cloud to inspire the right mood for the blues ... must keep trying