Friday, August 22, 2008

Heart Links - On the Cuff

Voting Season Polls and Hearts on the Sleeve

I wanted to thank all of you who have voted in the poll, it really does help me focus my time in the studio - and it makes me grin to see that there's no one thing that's way ahead in the polling. We have so many other polls going on in this season, it's fun to have a jewelry poll where you can vote and have immediate effects.

It also makes me chuckle when I look and see that - you want it all. You want some of everything! Okay, I'm adding as quickly as I can, you all are very inspirational that way ...

What's been going on in Studio A lately - the upstairs space where things get assembled, polished and the finishing touches applied?

Made this little heart link, textured and lined, out of fused fine silver.

Hanging on an oval link, it moves when you wear it, and is fun to fiddle with, if you are a jewelry fiddler and fidgeter like I am. I play with my jewelry, and this one is a great fun to play with.

I can see it as a dangle on a charm bracelet, or groups of them joined with jump links or small fused links to make a chain. If you want to see how it's done and the process, the photos and descriptions on fusing fine silver will show up if you use this link. Or check out the label for 'Fused Silver Links' to see more posts about fine silver chain, it facinates me how silver can be made into such useful little charms and links.

Have been playing around with the two-hole zephyr beads, to make a design. This is the first, it's a zephyr cuff bracelet. I used some of my hand dyed costume pearls and bicone acrylic beads, they matched and coordinated very well. It reminds me of some of the costume jewelry from the 1930's that my grandmother had, stored in a drawer in one of the chests.

It's easy to make and quick, looks very vintage. You can make one with any of the colors of the zephyr beads and it would be beautiful, I have dyed costume pearls to match most of the colors. I used an oval and two square zephyr beads, but you could choose all small squares, or one of the big round zephyrs.

I like the cuff style bracelet because it doesn't go all the way around the wrist, so I can easily write or use the mouse with the bracelet on my right arm. I try to make my jewelry the way I prefer to wear it - comfortable, lightweight and easy to get on and take off.

I know some of you like to make the jewelry, and some just want to buy it made up, so you have both options. I'm thinking of making up a kit with all the things needed for the design, to make it easy.

Made up larger, this would also be a great design for a choker necklace, with a big merlot zerphyr round bead and some of my hand dyed deep costume pearls. Pretty for the holidays for parties, or for gifting.

Just got another idea - could use the zephyr beads to make sets of drink charms, to identify wine glasses during a party.

Can you think of other ways to combine these things to make gift and jewelry ideas? Post them!

So what'll it be - more hearts, more charms, or all of the above?


Amanda said...

The heart link is very pretty! I'm a fidgeter with... pretty much everything, so I think it would be too distracting for me to ever wear. :P Maybe I don't have a real concept of its size, but I think it would be a very nice focal in a simplistic necklace, if you could find a proper way to make it face outwards (jump rings or knotting, maybe?)

The cuff is a great idea - I have a love-hate relationship with bracelets, for the same reason you prefer a cuff. I wore a chunky one the other day and it either made too much noise on my left wrist or was in the way when I tried to write. Aside from having an excellent design, it's really pretty, too!

I think it would also look great if you threw in some contrast - maybe not a black, but a rich brown. Maybe some of the merlot zephyrs with the gold-cream color scheme you have here? Or the chestnut zephyrs? (On a different cuff, if you were to make another, of course.) Just a suggestion, since I think it would draw attention to the beautiful designs on the beads. That's currently what's on my mind, since I'm pondering designs to use the chestnuts in.

Would you mind telling me how on earth you made the cuff shape? Did you just shorten some bracelet-length memory wire? Shape it out of regular wire? How did you get the ends "sealed"? (I hope that question makes sense) I am definitely considering a cuff to suit my needs in the future, now!

I noticed you made a fair amount of sales in your completed jewelry shop since last I checked - congrats on that! :D

LLYYNN said...

Amanda, you should have your little square 2-hole beads soon, if you don't already!

The wire is memory wire in the bracelet size, and because the oval and square zephyr beads have 2 holes they keep the other beads spaced correctly, no floppage at all.

The hold in the zephyr beads are angled going inward, so a round bead like a pearl or seed bead fits right into the side and covers any extra wire.

And they are flexible, too.

Yes, you noticed I have my work cut out for me filling the jewelry site up again. I'm hoping the enameled glass pieces from Autumn Belle Armoire will be back soon and I can list them! That should help.