Monday, August 18, 2008

Past Acts Future

Years ago, back in Texas where I grew up, my best friend and I liked to make jewelry. We went to the charity thrift store with the little money we had, and bought old silverware spoons.

She had access to a saw and files, and we would cut the bowl part off, and bend the handle to make it round like a cuff bracelet.

I still have one of those old bracelets we made back then.

After that time, rings made from silver spoon handles became popular.

This little bead reminds me of those times, the design on it looks like the end of an old silverware spoon handle like the kind we looked for; only this one is made as an oval 3-way connector bead.

But when I look at it, it's a trip back in time for me. I think I'll go dig out that spoon bracelet we made years ago, and wear it again.


Amanda said...

Ah, nostalgia!

You know, today, the toothbrush-bangle is the equivalent of the spoon-bangle, it would seem.

This bead makes me thing of an ocean in sepia. Or thousands of barrels of root beer, washing ashore...

LLYYNN said...

What is a toothbrush bangle? When I was in NYC in 2000, I went to the Met and brought home a lime green toothbrush from the museum shop. It was fun and a great design, and didn't take up much room in the suitcase.

Amanda said...

Oh, you aren't familiar? It's all the rage with DIY chilren. Basically, you take any plastic toothbrush (you know, the cheapie ones you can buy sets of at the dollar tree) and you pluck out the bristles with pliers or some other useful plucking device. Then you boil it until it's soft, bend it -or- wrap it around something cylindrical, then dump it in some cold water.

Voila. You have a toothbrush bangle. They're rather colorful.

A picture of one (that seems to still have the bristles attached):

I wish I'd gotten to go to the Met during my brief trip to NYC. We didn't get to do much artsy-fartsy-fun stuff, we only shopped. Er, and played in our band competition. But that was about it. It was sinful, and not in a chocolate way. ):