Sunday, August 3, 2008

Wing Song

Swoop and Soar

The storms came in the early morning, the heavy rain and thunder that makes the dog nervous.

The cool air after the storm didn't last long, but the sun was a welcome sight after the darkening morning passed.

Have been making beads all morning, finally took some time out to put together another 'Wings' dangle. Had two feathered wing beads made up and someone else needed them, so just got one made for this piece today.

The brass charm says 'Wings, and there's a little bird charm on a handmade chain, made from gunmetal color wire. I don't make a lot of tiny chain like this, it's very time consuming to make from scratch using handmade jump rings, but I had it around and decided to use it for the dangle.

I'm trying out a new kind of bead based on a historical porcelain style, I'll put some information about it here later. Right now I need to go back to polishing and buffing beads so I can show them.

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