Thursday, September 18, 2008

Faux-tique Fun

Did you wonder what became of the little glass sparklers fired in the kiln a while back?

Was going to metal case and wrap some on the day of the power outage, and wasn't able to work on things that needed electricity.

But on the day before the storm came up and the power went down, I made this little piece, a faux portrait encased in metal. The back is a replica of those tile ceilings you see in old buildings.

The fleur d'lys on the top reminds me of a crown or halo on her head. The portrait is an image transfer I made a while back. The patinaed charm, the faux tile and the portrait were together on the workbench so I put them together.

Then my eye fell on the little sparkler gem, and I added it to the bottom. Like an old cabinet case portrait. Her image is a little battered but I like it that way. As though someone carried or wore it for a long time, a very long time ago.

So you see there's not always a grand plan, sketched designs and predetermined means of using what I make. I just make things that I like, that speak to me. And sometimes when they are next to each other on my very messy workbench, they assemble themselves into something new.

It seems right, if when it's done, it looks like it should have been that way all along.

So how do you create ... is it somewhat in a flow like this, or are you someone who thinks and plans? I'm always curious about the mystery of the creative process, do tell ....


Cindy Gimbrone said...

Hi Lynn,

You're right, I WAS wondering what happened to your little glass sparkler. I love how you've included it in the image transfer piece. Yet again another charming faux-tique!


LLYYNN said...

Cindy, you will relate to kiln situations, I was going to put some glass in the kiln that morning to fire but when the lights started browning out and went down a couple of times, I delayed that idea really fast - can you imagine how confused the kiln schedule would have gotten? LOL