Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Spooky Night World

This Strange Night World

I found this vintage french advertising label, and loved the image. The moon and starry sky, the lady in the pointed hat. Very colorful and fun.
I'm using words from an old, shabby book, clipping out sentences that look interesting or suggestive, that spark ideas.

I made up for myself some 'guidelines' - not really rules, just suggestions to self - about how to use the words. The idea is to take words organized by someone else to tell their story, and use them to tell another story. I use the words in the order they are on the book page, only using pages with no printing on the reverse side. That means at the beginnings or endings of chapters. And no cutting and rearranging, just using the words in the sentence as they are in the book. It makes it more fun and challenging.

I found and clipped out the words 'the strange night world' in a sentence, and just knew they had to go with this french poster image.
And when I was putting it all together, I had some etched copper cuttings from an earlier project, just the corners of the copper with etched images on each side.

I noticed that the designs were sun shapes, or stars. It looked like it belonged with this little charm design.

I'm going to slip a little copper chain through the loop at the top and just keep it simple, without a lot of beads or other decorations.

I don't usually make theme jewelry for holidays, but doesn't this look like the perfect image for the month of October?


Anonymous said...

Yes, and I love it!

Isn't it funny how "love it" and "covet" are so close in sound... :)

LLYYNN said...

Yes, dear daughter, especially for you, LOL - mine... mine...

You just like that one because I said she has auburn hair, I know how this works, right?

Amanda said...

You're entirely right - it DOES feel very Halloween. The colors and the moon are what do it, I think... I love her little white outline.

Do you ever play with those magnetic words that come in those "magnet poetry" kits?
I'm a huge fan of them... that's what your phrases remind me of.

LLYYNN said...

Amanda, I can't take credit for the image as it's just like the vintage poster, didn't want to change it because I liked it as-is, but I did put it with the etched copper to mirror the stars in the image. I hadn't thought about the poetry magnets, those would be fun.

Amanda said...

Are you familiar with the art of Alfonse Mucha? (I think his first name is Alfonse, at least.) He did a lot of art nouveau work, and this print, while not exactly in the nouveau style, reminded me of his work. If you haven't seen any of it, you should check it out. You might like him! I do - he's one of my favorite artists.