Monday, October 6, 2008

Life Hope Purpose Promise

Six charms, with six words. Arranged as they are in the photo, they almost tell a story.


These are tiny little charms, amazingly they take almost as long to create as the larger ones do, but their small size is very inviting to me.

On the back are images of nouveau designs or doors and windows. The wire hangers form a sort of gothic chapel-like shape on the top. Illuminating the words, all inspiring good things in life. Hard to have happiness without purpose, smiles without hope. A life freed for purpose will have hope, happiness and smiles.

I wanted the little charms to look like icons, in their little wire boxes, like ancient artifacts from a long time ago, expressing ideas that are important and necessary today, as always.

Do you have a favorite? If so, tell me which one, and why you chose it. If you were to pick a special word to put in a charm, what word would you choose?


Cindy Gimbrone said...

What a treat to wake up to this morning! Love the early bird blog posters like you! I'm an early bird and it's nice to read a few blogs before I go off to work every morning!

Love love love love love love the charms!!! (guess I'm not eloquent in the morning, huh? smile!)

Better go dry my hair before it starts to overtake my head!

Keep 'em coming, Lynn!

Lorelei said...

I'm an early bird too! :) Nice to see Cindy is among us Lynn!
These charms are beautiful. I like them. Sorry, can't pick a favorite.

LLYYNN said...

Thanks, my friends. Cindy, you have an eloquent spirit and why use lots of words when just one (LOVE) will say it all - it's so sweet of you to encourage me like this.

Lorelei, it's the coffee klatch crew! I'm happy you like them. I'm experimenting to see how small I can make them without losing all detail in the little image and word. These are 1" x 1/2" - feels teeny weeny when I'm waiving that soldering iron around - LOL

Gaea said...

Oh! They are all amazing! I am really drawn to smiles though. If your smiling "then the whole world smiles with you!" Gotta love Louis Armstrong! Another great word is "be".

Amanda said...

I LOVE the concept of the doors and windows on the backs of the charms! I think they're so appropriate with the positive and liberating messages on the fronts!

I adore the charm with "purpose" on it. To me, the word fits the image perfectly. Even if the ideology doesn't exactly match up precisely with my own, I think that the blessed child is such a fine example of purpose, and that we all have our own purpose in life. (Some of us just have to find it first.)

If I had to put a word on a charm, it would be "More!"
You can always do more. Make more of your day, make more of your life. There are things we do that merit "more," such as gestures of kindness and helping others.

HINT Jewelry Design said...

Love the work you do on the hanger part. If feels really authentically old. My favorite is "Life." I think I am drawn to the colors of the image and the placement of the word. I like all the words! For the backside I really love windows, but that's a running theme in my drawings. Windows to imagination, opening onto possibilities!

LLYYNN said...

That's exactly the reasoning on the doors and windows - openings into new ideas and places, movement and change, fresh views. I want to make more of these and try making them even smaller - I'll be the one with the magnifier helmet on my head and the soldering iron in my hand - I'll look like a welder or something!

Thanks for all the fantastic feedback, I'm so happy you like these, I guess the ending of the summer season and the winding down of the year is affecting the creativity sessions.

Lorelei said...

Tag! You're it!
Please play along.