Sunday, November 16, 2008

Silver Snow and Moon Glow

Last year I made holiday ornaments using small etched glass designs wrapped around in soldered silver.

The wire hangers that go on them, to attach them to the tree or wreath, were made with floral wire, to keep it from tarnishing and to use a heavy gauge so it won't slump on the tree limb.

I added crystals and mirrored beads as dangles, like snowflakes or icicles.

And sometimes a bright red glass bead dangle, like one holly berry.

Or a silver medallion or charm in the shape of wings and angels. Or very old vintage mother of pearl buttons. Very quaint and old fashioned.

These are the ones I made so far this week. They are a good little size, the square ones like the one above are 1 1/2" tall from top to bottom loops, 1" wide. The rectangular ones like the one on the right are 2 1/2" tall and 1" wide.

I haven't dressed these all up yet, they need lots more beads and crystals. There's a heart, a winged angel, and a crown design. The designs are from vintage woodcuts, very antique old designs that I reproduced by etching them into glass.

I only got these three completed so far this week. I have several more ready to put together.

They look so pretty hanging in the light.

I didn't darken or patina the silver on them, I left them bright and shiny to reflect the sunshine and the holiday tree lights.

I looked out the window very early in the chilly morning the other day and saw that the full moon was setting in the west behind the house. It was so bright the light from it cast a shadow on the floor. These wispy images etched in glass remind me of the moon light shadow shades.


Gaea said...

These are so delicate and sweet. Like a snowflake!

LLYYNN said...

Wow, Gaea, I'm so glad you said that because it gives me an idea! The snowflakes make a certain pattern, I need to figure out a way to capture that idea and feeling! Great idea, thanks!