Monday, December 29, 2008

Dove Grey and Copper Sparks

In the evenings I've been working, kind of slowly, to finish this necklace. It's been over a week.

I've had the patinaed charm in a little bag, and pulled it out to match up with the hand dyed dove grey costume pearls.

They almost have a lilac or violet tone to them. When I dye the pearls I don't always know what exact color I will get. It's a surprise, a nice one.

And the pearls vary a bit in tone, so they look more vintage to me. As though they've been slightly faded, worn by time. The round textured chain links came from an old necklace I took apart, I used two of the links in this necklace. And the little dangle is a black glass leaf, with silvertoned lines on it for the details.

I found this darkened oversized chain, in two sizes, that I used to finish the necklace and use as one of the strands of the three-strand necklace. Then I opened my goodie bag of faceted fumed glass beads, to make the dangles.

The hook is attached to a long, thin glass bead and some more violet gray hand dyed costume pearls. I wanted this little necklace to look like something post-war with military medallions and watch fob chains on it.

Like something found among some saved 1940's coins and stitched patches from someone's sleeves, maybe in a wooden cigar box at the back of the bureau.

I wish I could create more quickly, but I finished this up finally, making the three-to-one connector and the clasp out of darkened steel wire and put it around my neck. Lovely.

I get a good feeling when I finish one, especially if it's taken a while.

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