Monday, December 1, 2008

Merci Pour Les Bon Mots

There's a lovely blog about polymer clay, all in french. I read french pretty well, so I've spent some time there enjoying the posts. Imagine my surprise when I find I've been featured there! If french is a challenge for you, just look over the lovely pictures and the great tutorials! A photo is worth one thousand words, they say!

Update .... Corrections.....I got an email from the sweet owner of the blog, letting me know that she is Belgian, not french. Reminds me of the many times that Agatha Christi's character Hercule Poirot corrected people who made that same assumption - "No, No, I'm not french, I'm from Belgium!" - having worked with belgians and french canadians in the past, I know how important it is to be correct about such things. After all, I'm in the Midwest but make a point to declare that I'm a Native Texan, right! So I understand that it matters.

Here's what she said - both in her lovely french and in english:
Merci Lynn pour ce gentil commentaire sur mon blog, mais je ne suis pas francaise mais Belge :)))
j'aime beaucoup ce que tu crée, ton blog est fantastic

Lynn thank you for that nice comment on my blog, but I'm not French but Belgian:)))
I love what you create, your blog is fantastic

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