Monday, December 22, 2008

Toys, Wings and Medals Newly Ancient


My hands are covered with paint, and all up under my fingernails too -- in a bit I will go and clean them, scrubbing until the paint comes off. And thaw myself out, with a hot mug of cocoa. It's been bitterly cold here.

I've been trying out some gold-toned charms in resin, making them and putting an antique red-gold patina on them. That's why my fingers are painted, and my fingernails.

It's been so cold I wasn't sure the resin would set correctly. It did seem to take longer than I've seen it take before. I left it overnight, just to be certain.

If there's anything I have learned about working with resin, it's to leave it alone.

Don't move it, touch it or even rearrange it. Just leave it to harden. But I did put it near a spotlight lamp so it would get a little warmth on it that way.

Two of them are casts I made from religious medallions I brought back from the trip to Ireland. I don't want to part with the original metal ones, they are some of my mementos of the trip. So I cast them to make molds, and made these resin replicas.

And a little fleur-de-lys charm. With the Celtic cross design, these look like a set, to use in a design together.

These resin charms are an experiment. I used resin with gold coloring added. When they came out of the molds they were very bland looking. Flat gold color, no details showing.

So I used some fun colors and put a patina on them. Now they look very old. I wanted them to look ancient, with a dark color in the deep groves and indented places, and a shiny worn look on the high spots.

I plan to use these in jewelry designs, maybe a necklace or charm bracelet. They're easy to drill to make holes wherever they need one.

Three of them are wings, bird or angel wings. They have a beat-up and well-loved look to them.

Two are sea shell shapes. The molds were made by casting some real shells I collected from the beach years ago.

The patinaed resin shells don't look like real shells now, they look more like fossils. Or carved nuts in the shape of shells.

One is a tiny toy racecar. It's so quaint, like a toy prize from a Cracker Jack box. Or a child's saved toy, put aside years ago. Just a hint of red paint clings to its sides, and a shiny gold tone on the hood and fenders.
For some decorating ideas on how to use art beads, charms and buttons, my post on Art Bead Scene on using wire to make an ornament is posted today, hop over and check it out.


Fanciful Expressions said...

These are fantastic!!! I love the aged look as if they've been around forever. I'm also amazed at how prolific you are. How do you get so much done? Makes me wonder if you ever sleep.

LLYYNN said...

There's a lot of waiting in some of these things. I can cast some plaster, and then it sets up overnight. While I'm waiting I cast some resin, same delay. So I often have several things going at once in various stages of waiting! One thing is for sure, I don't get bored doing the same thing over and over that way, you know?

jenny said...

Mama, I may smuggle out some fleur de lis for Ashley. The theme of their wedding is "Louisiana" and she's all about the fleur :)

I can't wait to see you!! How's the weather looking for our trip?

p.s. Evelyn's being a crabby pants. We think she might be teething??

Erin said...

These are beautiful, Lynn! Love them. I especially like the shells and the wings!

LLYYNN said...

Thanks, Erin. They turned out differently than I expected, but it was one of those happy surprises you get sometimes!

Jenny, I've now locked up all the fleur-de-lys pieces, thanks for the warning! LOL - Not really! Bring that baby on up here, all she wants is her grandmama! And bring lots of sweaters, it's cold outside!

Jennifer Stumpf said...

lynn, these are pure treasures. I love the medallions and the tiny car! wonderful!! thanks for your suggestions for my trip. i already have my little journal and one for my husband ready to go. I'm a collector of debris on trips, so your comment struck home! thanks!!

LLYYNN said...

Glad the suggestion hit a chord with you, Jennifer! I know you'll enjoy your trip to Italy, taste some gelato for me, okay?

belvedere beads said...

very, very lovely. they look like you found them buried in the backyard - which to my mind makes them treasure.

LLYYNN said...

It's in french with subtitles, but if you get the chance watch the movie 'Amelie' - part of the story is her finding a small tin box full of childhood treasures behind the baseboard - that's what this brings to mind for me! Thanks for the great feedback...