Thursday, January 8, 2009

Armchair Traveler's Souvenirs


I've been to San Francisco a couple of times. My favorite part is Chinatown.

It's got an ancient, old country feeling, and traditions of asian culture. The architecture, the colors. Even the scents of spices, the kites and carved pillars.

Someone reminded me today that the Chinese New Year is coming up soon. I need to check, I think it's the year of the ox?

There used to be an asian market at City Market in Kansas City, I don't know if it's still there. You could find all kinds of special dishes, fish and seaweed, unusual eating utensils.

In the history museum in Kansas City, deep inside the building, they have transported an old asian temple building, intact and reconstructed. The carved pieces with hand colored and rubbed finishes facinate me.

So in that mood I created this set of asian-themed tiles. Some are round, some oval, some square. One set might be good as a group for magnets. The large square one, with the geisha face design, reminds me of a lacquered antique box I saw once, in a special store in New York. I could only look longingly.

There's a painter whose work I've admired, I need to look up his name. He takes the carved wooden type face used by tibetan monks to print prayer books, and incorporates them into his paintings. They are textural, a visual treat. I have to go and find my journal from the trip to Santa Fe where the gallery with this work was located, to find his name again.

These little tiles and pieces remind me of the feelings I had when I stood in front of those paintings.

I tried to reproduce the well-worn look. And the carmine reddish brown color that I remember.

The lanterns are a fun look, combined with the kanjii characters.

I don't know what they say - they may not be right-side up.
But I like the way they look.


Lorelei said...

You are on a roll Lynn!!! Everytime I sign into your blog, there is something new and fabulous that I want! I love the connectors with the eyelets on each side. So so so cool.
Nice job! "We've" gotta get these in some magazines!!

LLYYNN said...

::blushing:: that's so kind of you! I am enjoying myself making these and it must show through that I'm having fun with pattern, shape and color ... in fact, having so much fun that I haven't made jewelry with them yet.

I think the giveaway will be tomorrow - hint hint!

Lorelei said...

It's definitely showing through, your love and passion for your art.

p.s. I am hoping it's alright with you, I've taken an image of one of your hearts and am using it in my blog post today. I've credited you accurately.


LLYYNN said...

Anytime, I'm honored!

Fanciful Expressions said...

I love these latest connectors the eyelets really add a lot to them.
You must be some kind of superwoman with all you get done. I wish some of that would rub off on me.


EmandaJ said...

Hi Lynn,

I'm with Carolyn, blown away by your productivity. I was just thinking, "How does she do it all?? Who has given her 36 hour days? Does she EVER sleep??"

Great job, by the way. Loved the SF Chinatown when I visited at age 10.

Looking forward to your giveaway.

LLYYNN said...

I do sleep, really I do, and somehow fit things in after spending time at the day job - there have been a few longer evenings this week, but hey who needs sleep when you're having fun!

I'm glad you like the asian theme, some folks don't seem to but the history and mystery of it has always appealed to me visually...

I don't know where these designs came from but they seem to be rolling off the tips of my fingers, not sure I could stop it even if I wanted to - it might be the break during the holidays, all that pent up creativity busting loose! LOL

SueBeads said...

Oh no, I'll be making another purchase from your etsy store!!!! They are just beautiful! You're keeping me in projects!

Debrasdezinez said...

These tiles look so fun ! I love the Asian themed but any of them would be great to win! They would be fun to wear! Thank You for the give-away heres how you can contact me if I am the lucky one !