Monday, January 26, 2009

From the Dead Cable Modem - A Ghostly Whine

I have new items to post in both Etsy shops.
 I have emails, things to check. And what do I find on Saturday afternoon? The cable modem, with its single green eye shining in the darkness - it's winking! Blinking red and green.
 This can't be good. Definitely not good.
Everything was tried. Customer service was called. Nope. Nothing. Nada. Niet. Non.
 It's not talking to the outside world. Thus, neither was I.
 So ... if I seemed unusually quiet, that's why. I'm not trying to be 'alone' - like Garbo! It was forced upon me.
 However, I was unusually productive this weekend.
 I draw no conclusions from that. I'm not willing to give up internet contact to increase my productivity. Nope.

 So bear with me, please. Until my modulator-de-modulator (or MODEM) gets its green back on again. CLICK. HISS. 'Houston, We Have A Problem' - CLICK.
 In other news, the hubby has been elected Vice-President In Charge Of Shipping - he didn't seek the post. Believe me, he did NOT seek the post, it was thrust upon him. Pushed, even.
 Greatness in shipping at low prices is a talent he appears to have. Whether he wants to or not! Watch out what you're good at, you'll get more of it, I always say.
 So shipping prices have been adjusted so you can take advantage of his new-found skillset.

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