Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Mystery of the Blue Wing Key

"I believe that I saw it first at a meeting of the London Archeological Society, in the late '90s ... 1890's. I was preparing a publication to be presented that year. It seems so long ago, now.

"The address of the Society was Kemington Gore, where stood Gore House, now demolished, at Gospel Oak (Hampstead), for The London Archaeologist of London and Middlesex. I believe I have a button from the occasion, somewhere about me.

"I definitely have the key to the cabinet where the original marvelous specimen was kept. It's an old-fashioned key, fitting a lock where the tropical items were cataloged and stored in a glass fronted wooden case.

"I still cherish the memories of the search, of seeking the shining blue feathers that resembled an angel's wing for my notebook, to show the unbelieving world.

"And the sash-weight, used to pinion the original feathers. I kept a few mementos, and bear them on a chain for remembrance."

This lovely necklace, with its mysterious key, plumb weight bob and bright blue wing of bird or angel, was made by Lorelei Eurto, who sent me the photo and allowed me to use it here. My humble contribution is the blue wing charm, which she combined with vintage buttons, keys and metal artifacts. She didn't know I would fashion a story around them, but it's my belief that the story was there, intertwined with the items she chose. This is just the way the necklace spoke to me.

How does it speak to you?
P.S. Lorelei has a bracelet giveaway going on in her blog ... Surprise!


Lorelei said...

I love the story around the necklace. It speaks to me too. Thanks Lynn, for showcasing my piece today.

LLYYNN said...

When I first saw the photo I thought the button said 'Kemington' instead of 'Remington' so I did a search for actual places for the address - now I like it so much the way it is that I don't want to change it.

I love the items you combined with the sky wing charm, it reminded me of the country gentlemen who collected and cataloged natural specimens in Victorian England, and from there you can see where my mind went!

SummersStudio said...

I love a good story! And now I covet yet another of Lorelei's creations.

Gaea said...

I knew it was a Lorelei goodie! Even before her name popped up! Beautiful!

Lisa Martin said...

super cool story and necklace. you had me going there for a minute...

LLYYNN said...

My stories are usually over-romantic and a little mysterious, I guess I read too much Wilkie Collins and Conan Doyle as a small child in the library back in Texas!

But they're fun, and they let my imagination run rampant.

And I love that necklace, want one myself!