Monday, February 2, 2009

Resonation Results

What's that???

A big mysterious looking black box of some kind full of something odd-looking??

I can hear you thinking ... pondering.

Well, it's the plastic liner from a box of Marks and Spencer Chocolate Tea Biscuits (cookies, to us) from my trip to Ireland. The biscuits are long-gone, but I saved the liner. You just never know what might come in handy sometime. (side note - the chocolate biscuits were yummy and I wish I had some more)
 What's that stuff inside?
 It's the results of my resin mold casting experiment this weekend. They're out of the molds and hardened, but unpainted.
 Can you see little racecars, hearts, fishes?
 Anchors, bezels, seashells?
 Wings in various sizes, a scarab amulet? Keys! Stars and crosses!
 Can't wait to get my paintbrush and start dipping.
 Here's a preview of one I made earlier and painted yesterday.
 I made the bezel, painted it and mounted the resin seashell on a clear square resin cabochon I had cast earlier.
 So when you hold it up to the light, you can see through it.
 I can't wait to get ahold of some of those charms and apply some color!
Color box fun ...


Lorelei said...

I see a key!! yay!!
can't wait to see more of this project.

LLYYNN said...

::bowing at the waist, making a small curtsey::

- thank you, Lorelei. Yes, it's a key just for you ... does it look familar? Remember your 'Gears Keep Turning' necklace that I wear quite often???

jenny said...

Hee :D

Lorelei said...

Yes I love that piece! I should do a few more of those, maybe will different color schemes. did you make a mold of the key!?? ingenious!

LLYYNN said...

Yum, a chocolate supplier ... oh no, now I have nothing holding me back, must resist the urge to click ...

That key, and several others, and a lock. Gotta have a lock, what's a key without something to turn it in?

Gaea said...

Wow Lynn! All of your new work is sooo inspired! I'm really enjoying following you on your journey! Thanks! THE SHOE IS FAB!

Fanciful Expressions said...

I gotta tell ya~~~~I look forward to your blog everyday. Always something interesting to see.Such an inspiration.

EmandaJ said...

Me too! Lynn, you are very prolific AND you write all about it. I can't wait to read your blog and follow your journey everyday.

LLYYNN said...

It's so great to hear your feedback, I'm having fun and enjoying the results, especially the part where I get to share with all of you.