Monday, March 2, 2009

Take Time, Make Time

I've been working on this piece for a while now, making the focal, deciding the colors. The message is something that's on my mind right now, as it keeps showing up in the images being chosen, the words being used.

See the little key, worked up into the chain, with the heart shape at the top? There are lyrics by James Taylor, a favorite song that says 'the secret of life is enjoying the passage of time ...' and that's so true, though so simple. The key is there to remind me of that, what's the key to savoring life and loving, having fun with the days as they pass.

The clasp is wound and curved, like a tendril of a vine growing up a trellis, to cling to the chain and close the circle. The length can be adjusted, to remind that the days lengthen and shorten, but the hours are gone when they are past and to cherish every one as life grows shorter.

The colors look like old mahogany, like a picture frame you might find in a salvage yard or antique store, with rich accents of other colors, framing the words. The bright red in the gilded glass beads is the essence of life, the spirit and spark that animates and invites creativity.

The glass beads framed in filigree are like tiny reliquaries, saving and preserving the important spirts and thoughts that guide our hands and enrich our days, like the vials of the saints, the eyes of the dragon, the gems in the forehead of the buddha.

The message framed in the oval opening on the front is 'TAKE TIME' and is a friendly reminder to do the things that make life enjoyable as well as the things that are necessary.

These are the thoughts I had while creating and assembling this necklace. What does it make you think about? What will you set aside time for today?

Do tell ..... ?


Kristin said...

What a lovely piece! I am taking it as a reminder today to work on my own jewelry, to take one more baby step toward making my creative dreams a reality, and to spend some time playing with my two year old, rather than doing "Grown Up" things.

SueBeads said...

Lynn, I just love it, and the one you posted yesterday! What a talent you are!

EmandaJ said...

It's beautiful, Lynn!
(Happy Texas Independence Day)

Jennifer Stumpf said...

oh, lynn, this is just divine, the finest piece of jewelry i've seen from you yet, and that's taking into consideration all the wonderful pieces I've seen so far. I love the pendant, the words, and that little curvy clasp is so lovely. very fine work indeed.
as to my day, i'm snowed in! we took a long walk and enjoyed taking photos, watching our dog go nuts in the snow and hunting down a hot cuppa java. then i made jewelry projects... a nice relaxing day.. thanks for posting this very pretty piece.