Monday, March 9, 2009

Time Flies

I've been creating several charms the last week or so that have a theme based about time, its passage and how precious it it. Time is truly the only non-renewable resource, those minutes, hours and days are truly gone when they're past. I guess it's on my mind.

I seek every moment I can for creativity, and an example is one day when I had to wait for the bank lobby to open early in the morning. I brought along some glass beads and copper patinaed wire, and managed to make 7 inches of rosary wrapped green beads for a chain, and used that chain in a design. I'll show that one later. But I didn't lose the opportunity to use those 30 minutes, sitting in the car waiting.

I made this necklace focal bead in several sittings. I've been wanting to make locket style beads and charms. So I made the back and the domed top.

Inside I put the word 'T-I-M-E' and on the front and inside area I put watch face images, a lot of patina and vintage look to it. On the back surface I added a heart shape, with the words 'TAKE TIME' on them, and a resin flower. Like the old saying 'Take Time to Smell the Flowers' - this is a little reminder of that.

The dangles from the bottom of the locket-like pendant are a wing shape with a clock pendulum on it. The wing for the old saying 'TIME FLIES' or in latin, TEMPUS FUGIT.

The chain has replicas of lenses, but with dark lens like seeing through a glass, darkly. Because the future is a mystery, and time is precious. To be savored and appreciated.

There are beautiful black pearls on the chain for this necklace, and a rosette textured chain to allow it to be shortened and lengthened. I like to make my chains that way, so the necklace can be adjusted to fit the neckline of an outfit to look best. The extra chain becomes part of the dangle, with charms and beads added for color and texture.

It's taken me several weeks to make all the components and figure out how to put them all together. It's fun to see the lid lift up so the word inside shows, and the back side with its flower and heart with the special message on it. See the Etsy shop for more photos ....

It has a sort of soft steampunk feeling to it, with the timepiece, the metal and the antique look with the metal liners and brass wire wrapping.

I hope it conveys its message!

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SummersStudio said...

Lynn, I really like this idea of a pendant with layers of meaning. I also really like the idea that it is an interactive piece and that you are carrying a message when you wear it.