Tuesday, March 17, 2009


I'm always curious about old style scientific instruments and collections. I like the historical interesting facts about them and how they look. In our current times, most ordinary daily objects are just utilitarian, they get the job done but they're not much visually. Think about a trip to the pharmacy, even the prescription bottles are kind of ordinary looking, the boxes don't have the interesting images and decorative fonts on them.

I had quite a productive time in the studio the last several days, finishing up a few things that have been in the works for a while. I still have more to do, but it's always good to see something finish up. So when this necklace got its last dangle attached, I celebrated with a root beer in a frosty mug.

The focal bead was made quite by serendipity, I had some images I had transferred in a translucent background and wanted to make something with them, they just looked so much like an ancient piece of mica or old printed films.

The frame around it allows light through when you hold it up, and the black frame has an ornate decorative design on both sides. A lot like the Victorian picture frames or cabinet cards with tintype photos preserved in them.

I mixed the metals, using silver tones, brass and copper accents, and I liked how it matches with anything you wear. I made the closure hook out of heavy gauge patinaed brass wire, so the length can be adjusted to fit the neckline as it's worn.

I made several other pieces at the same time too, I'm wrapped up in images and icons that have to do with time and cherishing it as it passes, making creative items that will last and continue to tell their story.

One of my other time-themed pieces was chosen for a Treasury titled "The Times They Are Changing" - I'm sure you recognize that phrase and its origin - song lyrics are so meaningful!

Very nice selection in the Treasury, pop over and check it out before it expires on March 18.

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