Saturday, May 2, 2009

Gifts from Creative Friends

GOOD MORNING! Today is my turn at Studio Saturday over at the Art Bead Scene blog, talking about creative group efforts, based around this art medallion pendant I worked on during my trip to attend Artfest. If you pop over and leave an on-topic comment, you might win one of my heart beads! Just a thought ...

Yesterday I went to the Post Office and clapped my hands when I found out I had a package! I never, ever win anything, but I suggested some names for beads for LeAnn Weih at SummersStudio Pottery, and my number came up in the Random Number Generator and I got these wonderful pottery goodies!

Most folks don't know that I studied pottery, wheel thrown porcelain, years ago and apprenticed as a potter. That was a long (LONG) time ago, but I still have a soft spot for handmade ceramics. And I remember what a lot of work goes into them, and how many steps you have to go through, before you get one of these lovelies out of the kiln! The chemistry of the glazes, the technical requirements of firing!

I had mentioned to LeAnn that her designs reminded me of the images of Queen Anne's Lace flowers that I see by the side of the road, like wildflowers, and she made and glazed this lovely little plate for me with that idea brought to life. She does a beautiful job, don't you agree?

Collaborating with others can accelerate creativity, I like working together with folks, so this was a super bonus to me, and I thank LeAnn very much for her kindness and her gifts to me. She's in Texas, and I'm a ex-patriot native Texan, so it's one Texan to another!

Don't you love the look of these designs, very organic and unique. I need to make something special with them, for certain.

I'm headed off now to cut some glass and get it into the kiln, so I have some goodies of my own making to show you soon. Remember my list?


SueBeads said...

Hi Lynn - I love LeAnn's work too, and I loved your idea of Queen Anne's lace. We used to pick it and put it in water with some food dye, to make the white flowers different colors! That sure was a memory from the past! Your plate is beautiful!

Debbie said...

Lynn, You are so lucky!! LeAnn does beautiful work, and to win. The little dish is very cute also.

sharon said...

Lynn, I purchased some fab buttons from LeAnn not too long ago and they are sooo beautiful, You are lucky to receive such treasures!!

SummersStudio said...

Lynn, you are just too kind. I'm very happy that you like your goodies. Have a wonderfully creative weekend. Hugs, LeAnn