Friday, May 29, 2009

Light As Feathers

I'm still learning about casting the pewter metal. I made up some wings in the dark patina and put them alongside some of the fused glass faux gems.

When I was in Scotland I tried looking for vintage medallions or medals, I wanted to try to replicate them, let them inspire my design ideas. But I could never find them, or in the one place I saw some through the shop window the store wasn't open so I couldn't see them up close, or bring any home.

Using the pewter and the fused glass, I want to reproduce that antique look, like an old medal or medallion that someone brought back from their travels long ago.

These wings are in the ExpeditionD shop, I wanted them to be with the colorful wings as a group. So all the soaring wing shapes are there in one place. But the glass is in the vintage style jewelry shop.

Maybe I should have put everything together. But I liked having all the wings, even the one with the master key and lock, arranged in a feathery group together.

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