Thursday, June 4, 2009

Giving Special Gifts

I made this vessel with "SWEET DREAMER" on it before I went to Artfest. I made the metal-lined holes on front and back, and wore it on a chain, if you saw me there you might have seen it around my neck.

I mentioned yesterday that I'm at a crossroads in adding new items into ExpeditionD, having a big sale right now and trying to decide how to spend the studio time to add things back for summer and fall, and as folks prepare for making holiday gift items.

In the last couple of years I've created some larger, bead-type items that can be strung, and some connectors. There have been soldered glass and wire icon word focals, and tile-like flat beads. Also the enameled fused glass with bevels that look like faux gems in bright colors.

Some things I will always make and have available, like the asian styled oval script connectors, lots of folks are using them and I will have them around for you.

So please post and let me know what are your favorites from the sold items for ExpeditionD and what you think you'd like to see there more, likely made with different colors or patterns, so I can get all prepped for a weekend of creativity with your guidance and feedback in my back pocket.

If your post is selected by the Random Number Generator, you'll win the feathered, winged dreamy "Sweet Dreamer" focal. I'll post the winner next week.

And thanks in advance!


Kristin said...

I'm living dangerously by posting first, since the first post never seems to win, but I had a thought - what about fleur de lis? I wonder if you could do some like the hearts, with a pattern on them? I love the fleur de lis and would definitely buy some!

Lorelei said...

Hi Lynn!
What a great giveaway item. Geez! How totally cool and generous!

I have been in love with all things Bird for months now. I think my favorite item that I'd love to see you list more of are wings...but how bout doing other bird related things, Nests! or Eggs!! Those would really be cool, and your creativity would really shine through. At any rate, I'm excited to see what direction you end up moving in. Of course, we'll all be here to follow along no matter what!

sharon said...

I still love the wings.....but.... i do like crosses also....actually I really like the idea of them being together somehow. I would absolutely buy that, but I don't know if that would appeal to a wide range of people. I don't know your thoughts on religious icons though. And still with the birds...thinking about purchasing that if it were in a more subdued the Holy Spirit.

SummersStudio said...

Gosh Lynn, just looking thru comments from today and yesterday, it looks like you should make everything! Before I ever knew you here, and when I was very new to Etsy, the thing I was most attracted to were your travel related ephemera. I also love anything with rivets. About the hearts, I love those. I also think that you get a seasonal 'rush' with them and then a few here and there over the year. Maybe that's one way to think about how you stock your shop, seasonally. You make so many wonderful things that it is hard to choose. One item that I absolutely love of yours are the doves. I don't think I've seen any of those lately? So this isn't really very helpful, is it?

Good luck with this and make sure you keep making things you like to make. Oh and the really hard one, make sure you leave yourself some time to do new things. Otherwise you might just as well take an evening shift in a factory.

I love the bead you are giving away! But don't put me in the draw. I got the last truly splendid prize!

stregata said...

Okay, I want to put in another 2 cents worth - I already mentioned the hearts and the travel pieces. But I keep thinking of birds. Not just wings, but birds. But what I like most, is the way you layer over the shapes. It is not just a tile or a heart, it is the way you turn the piece into a tiny collage...
P.S. please keep LeAnn in the draw!

Barbara said...

I am entranced by the giveaway item. Very cool. I looked at the sold items; my favorites are the monarchs, any of the birds, the birdhouses with the cutouts (I can think of some great items to put behind these to show through the "doors" of the birdhouses), the Yeats on copper poem and anything to do with Paris! Oui!

I agree bird related items, such as nests, branches, eggs, even worms would be awesome to go with the current birds.

Your blog is the first one I've ever responded to, but I've been following along the ABS folks for awhile. So I'm getting my feet wet finally!

Keep creating! The cylindrical piece like you are giving away is terrific. Perhaps creating a few more "3 D" items is something that would be widely appreciated. I like the collage feel also.

Thanks for asking for our opinions.


The Joy of Nesting said...

Oye Lynn,

Talk about sensory over load!! Heck I didn't mean you I meant ME!! :) Holy Mackral this is like putting a kid in Willy Wonka's factory then asking her to pick her favorite ;) "On I love turtles, oh wait, I love rock candy,no no my favorite is the carmels, oh my gosh I LOOOOOVE peeps" get the point??

Everything you make is so amazing and you have that rare ability to evoke each person's emotions, so that they feel as if the piece was made just for them :) Your work also becomes wonderful inspirations for an artist. As I see each piece I instantly begin to (subconciously) create with it. That doesn't happen very often as you well know. How many times have you looked at a bead, or finding. or art meant to be incorporated into a piece of work, that your first thought is "what am I suppose to do with THAT??" Trust me Missy that never is the first thought of someone looking at your pieces. In fact to be safe one shouldn't take a visit to your little "stores" with their VISA within close reach!! :)

Lynn the reality is that what ever you create will sell because with every piece you make, you have place a bit of your soul. :)

Pattie ;)
Mazatlan Mx.

PS. Oh and if you were to make more of your talisman boxes you would for sure would sell at least 2 :)

dogfaeriex5 said...

i love these vessels, i was hoping you would be making a few a these..the winged one is especially awesome....but then i adore everything you make!

Tammy and Rob said...

What a sweet giveaway!
I too have always loved your hearts and the folk art pieces! What I would like to see more of like Sharon is more religious icon/devotional pieces/mexican folk artsy pieces. Sacred hearts, bright flowers, crosses, even some dia de los muertos pieces would be cool. I am always looking for these type of items to add to pieces especially when I am showing at the gallery and it really is nowhere to be found. I will be excited to see any new pieces you create!

FrankandRox said...

Hi Lynn,

well I have to chime in and stand up for your connectors. I love them, especially the fossil ones. I like the weight of them too. A close second are the little houses, I think giving the houses a little 3d like a thiker roof line that stands proud or a recessed door or maybe some texture would be cool. From the ounds of things I think you will be very busy indeed.

Linda said...

I've just stumbled onto your blog and am so happy to find it! Your work is gorgeous! I looked through your etsy shop and became more amazed with each page...I love the wings, houses, travel items and your links. The giveaway vessel is stunning and I would purchase one in a heartbeat! I agree with some of the others commenting that anything bird themed seems to move me. Thanks for the chance to help and for the lovely giveaway.

Pandorasfork said...

Wow, Lynne ~
I have been waiting for this 3D lovely to hit the shop! What a thoughtful and contemplative giveaway piece! :o)
My faves are any of the faces, like "Sweet Cheeks", perhaps in soft butter, minty green, or peach? The keys as in Chatelaine, the "Lily Pad Lotus Locket" in coppery or a warmer metal, "Sixpence" in Delft blues, "Leaf Lime" as a duo in a rustic "frame", and any of the Deco-lettered bookplates or Travel pieces, and more 3D!
Your colour sense rocks!
Have fun and keep making what you love.

TesoriTrovati said...

I think evolving is always a good thing as an artist. I love the wings that you do and the new pewter is amazing. I am not as in love with the hearts, probably because I don't use them as a motif very often. I like things with words on them or quotes. Your work is amazing! Thanks for having such a great giveaway! Enjoy the day! Erin