Thursday, June 18, 2009

Triple Play Toggles

I was up very late last night, working on casting and finishing some pewter pieces. I had ideas I wanted to test, to create some decorative clasps and closures. That could be used as a closure, or not as a closure, and maybe when used as a clasp doesn't really look like a toggle, but is worked into the design somewhat steathily.

The kind of closure or clasp you leave in the front of the necklace, showing right up as part of the design. This wheat sheaf design, for abundance, has a small fused dichroic gemstone on it, it sparkles like mad in the light.

The outspread wings have a large decorative loop on one side, and small loops at each wingtip. I could see these as closures for a long beaded lariat, to drape the long end through the large opening.

Or a bar toggle closure, to put through the hole for the clasp. Lots of ideas running around, creatively. Even possibly not a closure at all, just having some dangles hung from the loops, or chain for a necklace, to use as a focal charm.

I especially like the lock and key one. The keyhole is a cast I took from my old 1920's home, from one of the doors in the bungalow, the house I had before I moved to Saint Louis. It reminds me of the old doors and beautiful woodwork in that house.

And the key is cast from an english secretary desk key, I got that piece of furniture, with its stained glass design cabinet doors, when I still lived in Texas. It came in a container shipment from England as part of an auction sale, this metal key was taped to the inside of the drawer for the locks on the fold-down writing desk cabinet.

See, a toggle bar could be pushed right through that keyhole, to become a toggle clasp!

What do you think - to toggle, or not to toggle?


TesoriTrovati said...

Yargh!!! I love them! Especially the key/keyhole and the wing. They look so authentic and so aged and they would blend seemlessly in my designs (had I the time to execute them!). I am envious of your industriousness Lynn. My car broke down last night causing me to walk several miles in flippy floppy shoes (I think I now have blisters in places I didn't know existed!) I was just too pooped to create last night and I am a tad behind due to all this baseball that is consuming my life. But your creativity makes me pumped to get back in my studio and make great things! Thanks for the inspiration. Enjoy the day! Erin

sharon said...

Beautiful toggles they would be!! I am particular to dangles though, love stuff flopping about and clinking sometimes!!

I posted a necklace today using one of your pieces.....with dangles of course!!

LLYYNN - Lynn Davis said...

Erin, how sad about your poor footsies and your car troubles - but at least I hope it wasn't pouring rain? You have a package headed your way, maybe some sparks of inspiration crept in there for you!

Sharon, thanks for letting me know and for the kind words, I'll have to pop over and see what lovelies you've been making!

mairedodd said...

very beautiful and inspiring work! i love your quote of the week... have to remember that one... thanks -

maryharding said...

Your toggles are lovely. I love the lyrical feel to them. Wonderful new work.

Melissa J. Lee said...

Definitely toggle. I just made a keyhole/key combo myself (pendant, though) from PMC, and I was thinking what a great toggle it would make with the right key. I love the fact that your keyhole was cast from an actual one from your old house - great memories!