Wednesday, June 3, 2009


Did you find yourself in the path of a thunderstorm yesterday? Here in Saint Louis there was a darkening sky in the middle of the day, and then heavy rain, wind and lots of hail. Nature showed her power and her beauty, all in one big storm.

The trees gave up some limbs and lots of leaves, coating the streets like confetti. Power was out for a while, with that quiet stillness that falls right after a storm, when the air is still heavy with unfallen rain, the trees are dripping and everything seems to be waiting.

I'm planning another giveaway in exchange for information, I need to enlist your help. You can help me chart my course and plan my time for the ExpeditionD shop, if you will. Most of you know that I do the creative things on after hours, early in the mornings, when the day job is over and on the weekends. This means that the time spent needs a direction, to be productive.

I've been having a big sale in the ExpeditionD inventory, and now I'm thinking about what comes next. I am usually very short on time, so I could use guidance on how to spend it. I'd like feedback on what I should focus on creating.

So if you go to the sold items in ExpeditionD and look around, think of the things you'd really like to see go back into the shop next, it will help me use my weekend creative session to the maximum!

Tomorrow I'll post a photo of the object of the giveaway. If you want to give your feedback here, too, that will be sweet, and have some special rewards! The idea is to tell me - should it be hearts, or travel themed ideas, would you like to see fewer wings and more asian styles? And more than one idea is good, too, if you like several things for different reasons.

I really need the help, no fooling. It's difficult for me when I spend time creating, not knowing if I'm going in the right direction (and THANK YOU) so help me find my weathervane direction, please.


Stacey said...

All your pieces are beautiful - personally my favorites are the birds on hearts and the heart - but I'm kind of a heart girl. Looking back through your sold items I really like the map tiles and tokens as well. Have you ever done stars? I also like the little word tabs. I would also be thrilled to have more centerhole bead like charms. Either way whatever you make I'm sure will be beautifuL!

SummersStudio said...

Lynn, I will give it some serious thought, promise. And we must have been in the same band of storms, yesterday. My early warning system, Bob, tail tucked between his legs, headed for the closet at 1pm. I knew it would be a biggie.

stregata said...

You did make some seriously beautiful hearts - but I also loved the travel related pieces. And the birds.

sharon said...

I would love to se a variation on birds, and wings.....looove birds!

hint said...

Just saw your leaf on Lorelei's blog and love it! I say keep up with the metal casting :)

sadie6 said...

I'm semi-new to your blog but I wanted to weigh in in favour of the travel themed items and the wings. I love them, and I find them very inspiring for my own artwork! I am always a sucker for a vintage look and travel themed stuff makes my heart and creativity sing!

The Joy of Nesting said...

Gads Lynn,

That's a tough question Missy :) If you were asking me personally what pieces would I like you to utilze your time making I would have to say the travel related and heart pieces. ..Well actually if you wanted to spend all your time on your pewter castings I'd be your head cheerleader, and I'm deathly alergic to pom poms :).. On second thought maybe that's not such a good idea when you take into account the abuse my paypal account would see!! :)

Are you asking what you should spend your time making by the sold pieces on the site? In that case just a quick glance it looks like it's hearts, and small charm pieces.

And finally are you wondering what to spend your very limited creative time making?? For that only you can really answer,because only you really know what you want to accomplish with this site. But I do know that an artist's life is way to short to spend time making things that do not make her happy to create!! :) That happiness comes through in the piece, that's what draws some one in and creates the desire to possess. Yikes, a little to much of the Behaviorist slipping through, better quit while I'm a head. :)

Take care Missy, listen to your heart it always knows :)
Pattie ;)
Mazatlan Mx.

Kristin said...

I am so not helpful, because I love everything you do, but I would love to see more hearts, and wings, and I agree with Sharon, birds would be awesome. Also, I am loving the Paris themed stuff you have been doing, so some more of that would be lovely.

LLYYNN - Lynn Davis said...

Okay, you all are great, I'm feeling guiltily as though I was fishing for compliments, and while they are wonderful and I love them, I didn't mean it that way.

Pattie, you asked some good questions, so let me explain a little better, I want to be clear because I really do want the help and you all are the best.

Pattie, you're right about not spending time creating in a way that I don't enjoy, I learned that right away. So anything that's there has been a pleasure to me, and I wouldn't mind making again if someone needed it. What I dislike doing is pleasing myself, and creating something that doesn't spark a returned interest in someone who wants to take it and make something 'more' with it.

I made a lot of hearts at the first of the year, and after the V-day holiday passed I noticed that they weren't finding homes. Stacey suggested stars, and that makes me think of the next holiday, I-Day, that's coming up.

And thanks for the great feedback about the new cast pewter pieces too, I appreciate that. I'm putting those in the shop, and keeping the polymer clay beads in the expeditionD shop.

I hope that helps with knowing what's on my mind. I'm hearing that hearts are still okay, no one is sick of seeing them. And birds, I'm hearing birds.

Stacey, not sure what you mean about word tabs?

LeAnn, our furry weather watcher went into the bathroom and wouldn't come out until the hail stopped, we have that in common.

On to the giveaway - but I'll leave this post open to comments too, in case anyone is so inclined. THANKS!