Monday, August 3, 2009

All The Eggs, Just One Basket

A while back I asked for your ideas about themes for the bead and medallion pieces, to create for the Etsy shops. I heard requests about nests, eggs and birds.

This double-sided pendant is a combination of those ideas. There's a bird's nest on the front, and vintage ancient script on the reverse.

Almost like a collection of bird's nests under glass, preserved from collecting in the prairie of the young midwest country, or robin's eggs from under the eaves of an old barn at the end of a dusty, rutted dirt road.

If you'd like to celebrate with me on achieving my personal goal to hit the BIG-EIGHT-DOUBLE-ZERO sales in both shops, post a reply to this post, here's the question I can use your help with answering.

I'd like to know what sorts of holiday designs you might like to see in the shops for the end of the year season - more metal, maybe things like toys? Last year I made handpainted plaster ornaments, antique looking decorations.

What designs and ideas would you like to see me make, for the time when the snow is flying and you're dressing your house and yourself for the end of the year celebrations!

One reply will be chosen to win this summertime bird nest pendant on Friday! Thanks for helping me meet my goals, and for your continuing support...


brendalou said...


Lorelei said...

This is beautiful! I saw it before I read the post and went to your shop to see how much it was gonna cost me to buy it!
So I really really hope I win.

How bout a window ornament, something that's sort of transparent and colorful?

sharon said...

This is just gorgeous Lynn!!! As for holiday themes....I like the tiny antique german Christmas trees, and vintage german glass balls....I don't know how that translates for you, butI have no doubt you could come up with something, especially with the glass!!!!

TesoriTrovati said...

Pine boughs, holly berries, snowflakes and vintage looking Father Christmas...
These are all very beautiful. I love that you are seeking the input and then acting on it. Enjoy the day Lynn!

EmandaJ said...

Hi Lynn,
This piece is lovely. For your holiday items, how about sleds and sleighs, they work for the whole winter season and not just one holiday. "Rosebud" comes to mind.


SueBeads said...

Not original but I love holly and antique santas!

beadsbycolor said...

Beautiful pendant,I love the 2 sided aspect.I like pinecones,
icycles,berries,stars,music and bells.Just some thoughts that came to my mind around the holidays.

Pandorasfork said...

Eggs, and nests, and glass, oh my!
: )

How about a mug of cocoa, stockings, snow-people, and glass presents with metal bows?

Have fun with it ~ ;o)

SharonP said...

Love your bird's nest pendant-so earthy and rustic. I would like to see stained glass cathedral windows for the holidays!