Sunday, October 4, 2009

Artifacts of Life, Newly Uncovered

I love old carved bone charms. These have markings from the Book of Kells. The old manuscripts.

Ancient looking, with spiritual overtones.

I made this pair of earrings with some of the lampwork beads that Sue sent me. I love the way the glass shines and the charms are matte, the contrast. Warm and cool, the glass chilly in the air, the charms shiny and slick.

Simple brass wire and gunmetal earwires. These are lightweight to wear.

They remind me of something found in an archeological dig. Artifacts.

Well, I keep finding things that don't turn on when you push the ON button.

At first I thought we lost the microwave, but we found the RE-SET button.

The computer can't find the printer right now. I keep pointing and saying "see? it's right there, beside you" but so far it doesn't believe me. It may be something with the cable. At least, I hope so.

I found an old clock radio and put it into the studio for some music, since the old amplifier doesn't turn on any more, and neither does the old boombox with the CD player. And working in silence wasn't any fun.

Thankfully the kiln seems fine. I may fire it up this afternoon just to be sure. It's programmable, so it does have digital circuits.

It's like the times during ice storms when the electricity goes off, you realize how much you depend on it every day.

But we did test the furnace, and it seems all right. Thankfully, because it was 40 degrees F last night. Not the time you want your furnace thermostat messed up!

Thanks for your patience and for all the kind words. This will be over soon, I hope!


LDWatkins said...

Love your charms! I can appreciate what you are going through with the electrical problems. My wireless router messed up several weeks ago and it took ages to get a new one going...yuck. I just want all to work when I turn them on!! LOL

SummersStudio said...

Love those earings! The contrast between the glass and the charms is really nice.

Hope things sort out soon in your house. It must be a little like living with a poltergeist.

Marie Cramp said...

The earrings are fabulous!! Don't you just love Sue's beads? I do. I LOVE that first piece, it is calling to me. I may have to order one from you at a later date, hubby has the key to the paypal account right now and he won't share :(


Anonymous said...

gorgeous pieces!
i'll have to catch up on reading your posts. hope all those problems are solved soon

Adventures with Millie Making Jewelry said...

Fabulous earrings...Love 'em!

Leslie @ Bei Mondi said...

Sorry all of your appliances are going on the fritz. We do take for granted what we have when it no longer works. :(

LLYYNN - Lynn Davis said...

Do check out Sue's blog and website - her beads are fantastic! I love making things with them, but feel sad when they go out the door. Guess that means it's time to order a lot more!