Monday, October 26, 2009


Some of you may remember, a few years back I took a memorable trip to Scotland with friends. Excellent!

I did spend the end of the trip in Glasgow, before the airplane trip back to the midwest.

I enjoyed the ornate, decorative look to things, and the way the architecture looks back to very vintage times.

Simple and luxurious.

I promised myself when I came back that I'd try to continue some of the activities from the trip.

A cocktail in the evening.

Dinner by candlelight in small glass tea light holders.

A sip of tea in the afternoons.

Sometimes I remember, sometimes I get too busy and I forget or postpone them.

Travel broadens. It changes things.

How to think about the speed of life, the things that are important.


SummersStudio said...

Oh I so agree about what travel does with broadening you perspective. And, I too try to keep some of those UK based traditions in my life. For example, in Australia, we had the tea room. We didn't go for a 'break' we went for tea. So civilized and relaxing. I think we need to allow ourselves the time to have a break with a little 'ceremony' like candles, a pot of tea (not a teabag), and a jug of cream.

SueBeads said...

My family is originally from Glasgow! Not the nicest city, though, but I really loved my trip to Scotland too!

LLYYNN - Lynn Davis said...

LeAnn, I like the idea of the "tea break" - I must make a mental effort to include that in the day. Around about 3:30 pm I'm ready for a little pot of tea myself.

Sue, I liked the parts of Glasgow I saw in the couple of days we were there, it happened to be a time when a huge art show was set up and I trolled the tents in the park, people were everywhere celebrating art!