Monday, October 12, 2009

Made from Ornamentea, Goodies on the Wing

I couldn't wait to use some of the cool chain I showed yesterday. I was making up this "WINGS" word pendant, and the wing shaped dangle for it.

I noticed that the hangers were similar in size to the large oval chain I got. So I whipped it out, and made a brass hook with a tiny glass dangle.

To make this necklace completely adjustable. How's that? The large hook can be put into any of the links to make a choker, a mid-size necklace length, or the full long length.

Very fun. See? I promised I wouldn't hoard it!

The "Wings" word pendant is one of my favorites, the word inside is pretty on top of the natural colored background.

I haven't decided if this is a tribute to the natural world, a call for the angelic, or a visitation of songbirds.


Marie-Aimée said...

wow really beautiful

Marbella Jewelry Designs said...

love it!

Amanda said...

Absolutely great, Lynn! I love the idea that it can be shortened to whatever length you prefer. The uncluttered simplicity of it is really engaging! (:

LLYYNN - Lynn Davis said...

I know the chain from Ornamentea is a gift for me, to encourage me to write about their things ... but it really is nice chain! Honest!

I think it was serendipitous that it arrived just as I was making that necklace. Meant to happen.


SummersStudio said...

I like this a lot. And I love adjustable chains, especially this where there is no extender chain, it is all just part of one whole.

Cynthia said...

Lynn-the chain IS a gift but honestly, I LOVE your work, the gift to me is seeing what you do with our ingredients!