Friday, November 27, 2009

BLACK Friday Giveaway and BIG SALE

The folks over at the Art Bead Scene are having a big sale event, I was too late to participate but I decided to have a

big sale at both shops -

and have it be part of the giveaway today, too.

So everyone who posted on the Giveaway Reply Post and gave such good feedback,

everyone who posted will get 20% off anything

in either store

Pretty good, even things that are in the
SHOP SALE section at the ExpeditionD shop. I added a bunch of things to it, so be sure to take a peek!

Just put GIVEAWAY POST in your comments and I'll adjust the prices.

I haven't turned the shipping charges back on, so on top of the savings, there are

no shipping charges to the US or Canada.

It doesn't get much better than that!

And if you've been wanting one of the Asian Ovals in pretty colors, those have their own special sale prices too.

I really appreciate all the feedback and ideas for the round connector beads. I knew you would have lots of ingenious ideas!


Well, I know some of you want to see who won the connectors!

Be~Jeweled by Jana - Four-Way Connector
EmandaJ - Braided Round
Retail Therapy - Circle Link

Click on the EMAIL the RINGLEADER of LLYYNN link and give me your addresses, I'll get those out to you. And always remember I love seeing what you make, so if you snap a photo please send to me so I can OHH and AHH over them!

And if you didn't win one,

you can get yours at 20% off

if you posted to the Giveaway

I'll keep them listed so they're available if you want one!


Marie Cramp said...

What a fantastic deal!! I am giving away a piece of jewelry to one lucky winner if you become a fan of my facebook page :)
The link is on my blog


Esther said...

what a generous idea!! i've put the link , also a message to thank you for the earrings.. héhéhé!!