Friday, November 6, 2009

Tie Backs and Pin Ups

I said quite some time ago that I wanted to make some hair gems. My hair is getting longer and I tend to wear it pulled back most of the time, to keep it out of my face.

So I made some hair bobs, little wearable up town doo-dads for the hair.

I have more to make, these are just the first few I've gotten finished.

I haven't made any for myself yet, haven't even used some. I wanted to show them and let some of you have a crack at them. They're in the ExpeditionD Etsy shop. Not everyone wears jewelry, so these are a little change of pace. Hair gems, something functional and different.

I don't wear bobby pins much myself but I know folks with really long hair that make a chignon in the back that like these. Or to pull long side pieces out of the way when you make a pony tail in the back.

They have vintage hair lotion labels inside. I thought that might be fun, maybe for some of the holiday events coming up. The charms are in resin, fastened securely to long bobby pins. They look very antique to me, I don't know if something like them was even made, back in the day.

And this barrette, with a look like old, stamped leather. You know the kind of bags and belts, with the intricate designs worked into the leather? I meant for it to be sort of like that.

It reminds me of a garden gate. Or a cowboy belt. I guess you can write your own story about it.

I made it using the large sized barrettes, for folks like me with thick hair. But I have some with smaller barrettes also - I just need time to finish them.

I want to make some that have the cast pewter on them. Maybe soon. I keep thinking of things I want to do, it all revolves around having the time to focus on it.

Yes, I'm up again at the break of day. The change from Daylight Savings always takes me several weeks to adjust. The insommnia is back. At first I thought it was caffeine, so I've almost completely removed it from my diet. Those of you who love your coffee know how hard that can be!

So it doesn't seem to be just the caffeine. I am a bit of a worry wart, trying to plan two steps ahead if I can. And sometimes the way ahead is around a curve and you don't know what might be there.

I guess if I'm honest all of the way ahead is on a curve, or an uphill and downhill trail. Even when I think I know what's coming up, I usually don't know all about it.

I know I should live "in the moment" but I can't stop myself from trying to peer ahead to see if there's a pothole coming up. Don't want to just fall into it - head-over-heels - because I wasn't looking for the obvious.

But when I truly think about it, every day just unrolls however it's going to come, and I have to just be ready. With good shock absorbers and with seat belts fashioned. And a lot of luck.

That's all I can think of to do. My crystal ball is all fogged up. But my fingers are crossed.


Amanda said...

Oooh, gorgeous! I love the hair accessory idea - the clips are adorable, and honestly, I haven't been this compelled to wear a barrette since I was 11... I think that means you've got a success on your hands!

LLYYNN - Lynn Davis said...

Wow, Amanda, that's good to hear! I made a couple more this weekend and added to the shop.

I want to make some little tiny ones too.

Do you wear small ones on the side, or just one big one in the back like I do?