Monday, February 15, 2010

Keep This Coupon, Admit One

Remember in grade school when you went to the carnival, or to the State Fair, and they gave you a ticket?

On one side it would say "ADMIT ONE" and on the other, if there was a raffle or door prizes, it would say "KEEP THIS COUPON" and maybe you'd get lucky and win something, if your number was drawn.

This small round connector has the image of those tickets in it. One side is blue, one side is orange.

I'm going to make more of the smaller round connector glass charms. I take them with me in front of the TV when I watch the news and wrap the round glass with copper foil tape. It's not too messy, I can do it upstairs instead of in the studio.

And it makes me feel like I'm doing something creative and useful while I'm watching TV.

I have a whole stack of the small round ones to do. And later I'm going to make more with dictionary definitions on them, long skinny rectangular ones.

This is the first one I finished up. ADMIT ONE. Good to know, while I'm watching a movie or something.
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Karen Burns said...

Hello, Lynn. I have used your bezel, purchased on Etsy, with some great results. I love the new pewter pen nibs, also. So glad I found you :-)