Friday, March 19, 2010

Easing UP on Eight Hundred

I set some personal goals, just to give me something to aim at. A milestone, so I know where I've been and where I'm headed. Do you ever watch the odometer in your car as it approaches one of those numbers with just zeros after it, and keep an eye on it so you can see it pass that number while you watch? The goals are kind of like that, I guess.

One was to have the shop have as many sales as the shop.

The pewter pieces have brought a lot more traffic and interest to the shop and I'm really excited about that.

I passed that one earlier in the month, but it was arbitrary and didn't mean much to anyone but me, it was just in my head. A personal checkbox I could put an "X" into. Watching the odometer roll to the 99999 position, a prelude to the next step.

I know, I really do need to fill up the expeditionD shop, and I have some ideas for new things I want to put in it, that's a surprise that's coming up. Some totally different things, just for variety! Coming ... soon I hope.

But now I'm just a few sales away from 800,


in the shop.

Now that's something I can celebrate, and share! Woo Hoo! Like this replica of a centennial medallion, eight times over.

So if you've had an eye on something, check out the sales and discounts, and I added a few extra special pendants and beads, and let's turn that clicker over to 801!

There'll be some special goodies for the person who rolls the odometer over ....

Party Central! The sweet tea will flow like water!

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Pretty Things said...

Here's to stomping all over that milestone!!!!!!