Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Peace, Sanctuary

I'm reading a series of mystery books by the gent who wrote the Father Dowling series, I may read those also, these are set on the campus of Notre Dame University. There's a lot of history, some great vocabulary expanding words, and good characters showing lots of human nature.

Maybe that's influencing me, reading these books, or maybe it's the time of year with Easter coming right up.

But lately, here are the icons that are popping out of my head and into my fingertips, things that look very ancient and spiritual.

One with the word "PEACE" and a very old fashioned spiritual iconic image in the resin, set in the pewter frame.

And another in an ornate, winged frame with the word "SANCTUARY" in it.

They're translucent, the light shines through when you hold them up to a lamp or window.

It reminds me of the old fashioned stained glass you see, with the hand painted images on the glass.

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Now you know what you were waiting for! and thanks for playing along, it's fun sometimes to link the blog and Etsy, just to see what will happen.


Karen Burns said...

Oh, Oh, Oh, love your new cast pieces. And a huge THANK YOU for putting some of my work on your blog! I just rec'd some new pieces from you today, so I'll send you more photos when I find just the right thing for them.


LLYYNN - Lynn Davis said...

Thanks, Karen, I always love seeing what you're creating, you have such a unique vision for your work. The collages too... yummy, makes me want to get out some paint and have a splash!