Saturday, March 20, 2010

Showcase Day

I'm never sure if it does any good to list the Etsy shop in a Main Showcase, but to celebrate reaching my milestone of 800 sales (YAY!) I have a Saturday Showcase in the Main group on Etsy today.

There are still a lot of great things at special prices. I spent part of yesterday daydreaming about the new things I want to make and list in the ExpeditionD shop. If only I didn't need any sleep, I could get so much more done.

Well at least the days are staying light longer, that does help!

The daffodils in the front yard are blooming, that's a good sign.

Oh, and my analytics emailed me today - the blog has had 45,000 hits since this time last year. Love the fact that you are out there with me! I'm not alone in this adventure in front of the computer screen, you're right there on the other side looking back.

1 comment:

EmandaJ said...

Congratulations on your milestone! I'm one of those folks looking at you fromthe other side og the screen -- you are one of the first folks I decided to follow on a regular basis when I started to blog. Luv ya Lynn!