Sunday, September 5, 2010

Ivory Blue

Here's another of the components I created last week, this one to resemble carved ivory or old glazed porcelain.

It's one of the designs from the buttons that Deryn Mentock sent me, but instead of using the design in pewter it's made in polymer clay this time. I wanted them to look very old and worn, like ceramic tiles from an antique salvage yard or something.

Here is is again, but with a blue-tinted faux glaze this time.

And both of them with the faux filigree in wire. Each one is slightly different, I'm trying out various combinations in the wire.

I enjoy finding different ways to use the pattern from the antique button.

To give it new life and let it live again, in a new way.

Both of these are in the Etsy shop, if you want to try designing with this faux filigree.
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Lois Moon said...

I love these. I've also been playing with the faux ceramic tile look. It is so much fun.

Suz said...

Very effective. I like this a lot.

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Anonymous said...

These are absolutely lovely, Lynn!

LLYYNN - Lynn Davis said...

Lois, it is a very vintage style look, and fun to make.

Thanks, Suz! I hoped folks might like them.

Deryn, I'm having a good time experimenting with your buttons to find all kinds of different ways to use the patterns. I'm happy you like this variation. A little different from the original metal button, but very sweet and the design shows up really well.

Gaea said...