Saturday, September 18, 2010

Saturday Breakfast Time

Another week in the rear view window, so to speak. As a treat, I made a special breakfast this morning.

With home made espresso to make a cappaccino, with frothed whole milk.

Pancakes, pan fried fresh eggs, and bacon.

I made a big stack of them, I'll put the rest in the refrigerator to re-heat and eat during the week.

Today my daughter and I are headed into town to go shopping, something we were looking forward to doing once I got moved closer.

Later, when we get back, I'm headed over to the studio for a while to finish some orders.

And I found a really cute dress pattern for little girls. I need to rummage through my stacks of fabric stash and find some that would make up into a cute dress for a special little girl I know.

I hope you're  having a wonderfully creative day, too!

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