Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Bluebonnet Basket

This weekend was rough. There was a thick coating of ice on the trees and power lines. The power kept going up and down.
So while it was daylight, I put together this spring bouquet basket necklace.

I guess you can tell what was on my mind. 
Flowers, bluebirds, robin's eggs. Warmer weather.
I know I still have a bit of a wait.
And that many in other parts of the country have it colder, and have a longer wait for warm weather.
But maybe if I wear this little victorian flower basket, with green leaves and blue flowers dangling, it will give my spirit a lift.
While I wait for the real weather change that's coming.
I took one of my flower basket charms, and combined it with blue and green glass flower beads. A faceted pink bead and a vintage blue lucite round bead. And made it adjustable in length, so it can be a choker, or neckline length.
I put it in the Etsy shop, if anyone else is in love with bird's egg blue the way I am. It's all of the blue beads I have, so it's one of a kind.


Heather Powers said...

I feel the same way, beading my way out of winter. I love the necklace, for some reason your photos of it remind me of my Great Grandma's house and the little pots of flowers she would have scattered around the living room under little embroidered clothes.

LLYYNN - Lynn Davis said...

Thanks so much for the kind words, Heather. I could feel myself going for the color and the flower shapes, just when it was icy and white outside. What a good way to put it - beading your way out of winter, I love that! Do you remember the little dishtowels that used to have embroidery on them, the stamped patterns to sew over? That's what it reminds me of.

Wonderful that you shared the memory!

Beverly Herman said...

Lynn I have the same memories as Heather. I do have a stamped painted pillow slip that our Grandma made. I treasure it. Enjoy these cooler temperatures. Summer is just around the corner. We seem to miss spring in our neck of the woods and go right into hot.