Monday, February 7, 2011

Flower Power By Hook

I've been enjoying a return to knitting and crochet lately, making sweaters for family members, and warm scarves to protect against the cold.
I wondered how I could bring my pleasure in working with crochet together with my happiness with beads, and make a jewelry item.
I started playing with wire and a crochet hook. And came up with this lacy, fun little bracelet. It's lightweight, sturdy and a good framework for the beads I added, for some extra BLING.
I used one of my cast pewter button replicas for the closure. 
I've been wearing it this week, to make sure it's comfortable and sturdy. I already have some ideas about different ones I may make. 
And the central emblems, for earrings and pins. 
I made up the pattern, just playing around. I want to make some with a cast pewter emblem as part of the central design. 
It reminds me of something very old, like a design you'd see in Godey's Lady's Magazine Patterns.

I think I'll spend some more time working on this idea. What do you think of it?

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Cabby Crafter said...

Wow. I wish I knew how to do wire crochet too. I like your works of art.