Tuesday, March 1, 2011

It's Not A Uni-Tasker

Since I relocated here to Central Louisiana, I've been getting cookbooks from the library, to learn how to make the local dishes.

A lot of them call for rice. My daughter had a rice cooker, and swore by it. I always thought it was a uni-tasker - only good for making rice.

However, it does make really good rice, and makes it easily.
Does it tell you anything that I bought a ten pound bag of Basmati rice at Sam's, and we're already halfway through it? Yes, there's a lot of rice used in gumbos, soups, jambalayas - you get the idea.

Last Saturday when I went to the library, I found a cool recipe book, on how to cook things BESIDES rice in the rice cooker.
Even though I have the steamer basket for mine, I wouldn't have thought of making stews and soups in the rice cooker.

So I'm going to have to experiment with mine.
If you want a good chuckle, and more information on unique uses for the rice cooker, check out Roger Ebert's blog post about "uses for the pot" - he made me laugh out loud several times. Do check it out ...

So I will have to try stone ground oatmeal in the rice cooker for breakfast.
Hmmmm ... might even be healthy.


Spirited Earth said...

thanks for reminding me about the rice cooker ..used to have one and really like it..

Adventures with Millie Making Jewelry said...

My daughters had one in college, but I didn't get one until recently when I realized how nutritionally poor Minute Rice was for us. Never thought to make oats in it...I'll be checking out the link! Thank you for sharing!