Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Ages and Years of Leap Day

     It's been a while since I made some of these faux pocket watches. I've been wanting to try them with the new pewter bezels ever since I made the new bezels, but the weather has still been too chilly to pour resin. This last weekend I finally got a chance to try them out, and they fit perfectly!
     I have several styles of faces for these little clocks, and they are all in french. Since these two turned out to fit well, I'll be working on some more soon. Surely warm weather will be here to stay very soon.
     Today is February 29, it's Leap Day. It comes every four years, to keep our calendar on track. It makes February, which is always a short month, just one day longer than usual. 
     I don't know how exactly to celebrate Leap Day. I vote for something sweet to drink, and something salty to eat. 
     Happy Leap Day, 2012!


sharon said...

I love your clocks, and your choice of menu!
Happy leap day!

LLYYNN - Lynn Davis said...

Happy Belated Leap Day to You!

I appreciate the positive feedback - I'm having a "Crisis of Confidence" at the moment