Sunday, June 24, 2012

Fresh Produce and Seamless Handwork

     Yesterday, I took the day off from the studio, and went to the farmer's market again. I got more cantaloupe and some fresh green beans. My french and kentucky wonder beans are just starting to bloom, I put them in 3 weeks late, because I was too sick to garden. But they're trying to make up for lost time!
     I worked in the garden some, too, feeding and watering. It was such a pretty day, but hot!
     I'm participating in the next Bead Soup Party - I almost missed signing up because I thought I had already done it. But the invitation from Facebook and signing up were separate ... I'll be thinking about what I'm going to send to my Bead Soup Party partner. 

     Do you crochet? I do, when I have time to sit still that long. I got a deal on some books from Interweave, in their "Hurt Books" sale. One of them is Kristin Omdahl's "Seamless Crochet" - I can't wait to figure out how she took the crochet process apart to make it possible to join motifs together, without lots of sewing in ends!And it comes with a DVD, which should be very helpful. I've been crocheting a long time, but this new technique looks intricate and interesting. I can usually look at crochet and figure out how it's put together - but not these!

And the results are so luxurious and lacy - aren't they wonderful? I think it's the kind of thing I'll have to sit down with at the table and "fiddle" with until I understand what's going on.
     Any of you already have this book, and mastered this technique?

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