Monday, July 9, 2012

Scared Myself Then Fixed It

     Do you ever just fool around on your blog, trying out a new look or new gadget? I was doing that, and I almost gave myself heart failure! I thought I'd wiped out all my sidebars and blog links. Oh NO! But I talked myself down off the ledge, and tried to re-set things.
     Blogger has introduced the dynamic views, and I had never tried them to see how they looked. They are fun, and look good, except all the things I've added to the sidebar disappeared! Well, actually, they became dynamic links on the side. But you couldn't see them.
     If I was just creating a new blog, and had started out without all the sidebar things I've created and added, the Magazine Dynamic look might be fun. But I have put a lot of "extras" on the sides, and gotten used to the look of them. I didn't want to lose those.
     Whew! I scared myself there for a minute! I'm still not back to the template I was using, but I need for my heartrate to return to a lower level before I do anything else!   
     Have any of you ever done that to yourself?
     Deep breaths!


lunedreams said...

I have scared myself with Blogger too, desperately searching for the Undo button. LOVE the pattern on that heart charm!

LLYYNN - Lynn Davis said...

Wow, talk about a "heart attack" - sorry, pardon the pun! Couldn't stop myself.

Thanks for the kind words about the pattern on the heart - it's an astral heart.