Sunday, December 27, 2009

Roses and Snow, Pink and White

I cast this beautiful oval shape in pewter, with its bas-relief flowers on it, and decided to put two holes at each side. I had a jam jar lid full of my hand dyed costume pearls, and I put it into the pile of faux pearls with their slightly pinkish hue. I like using my hand dyed costume pearls because they are slightly uneven in color and look very antique, even well-worn and time darkened.

I knew I had to use them together. I just couldn't wait to make a wearable piece with them together.

I had also cast the two pillars with one large loop at the top and two small ones at the bottom, and I could just see how the pearls could drape between the roses and the pillars.

I sat in front of a movie last evening, rosary wrapping the pearls and some hand dyed acrylic bicone beads, to make the necklace.

I really like how it turned out, it reminds me of old costume jewelry from the 1930's and has that type of clap on it. I made it adjustable, so it can be used as a princess choker high up on the neck, or let down to a lower neckline look for a plunging evening dress.

The flowers in the oval are daisies and roses, very romantic. It's ornate yet very lightweight.

I can see it at the neckline for a fancy dress occasion - or just worn with a simple lace top for a dressy shabby chic look for everyday. The extra length of chain has a floral cloisonne bead for a dangle, that drapes down the back of the neck when the length is shortened. Dainty!

It's in the Etsy shop, if someone falls in love with it like I did!


It's very cold in the studio now, I'm layered up like an eskimo. I have certain clothes that I only wear in the studio to keep the dust and chemicals out of the rest of the house. And I only wash those clothes together, I keep them away from my regular out of the studio clothes.

They've been exposed to so many chemicals, heat and equipment they have holes all over. That's why I only wear them in the studio, and why I don't wear anything else there.

So with two pair of socks, three shirts and a sweatshirt covering most of me up, off I go to clean up some pewter for some orders that are waiting.


Marie Cramp said...

I love the cast pieces! Very romantic.

mairedodd said...

beautiful piece! and what you do for your art! brrr ~ when i have to solder out in the garage, i know how you feel... but it seems like you put in a lot more time than i do exposed to the cold... how about a space heater? it isn't even jan or feb yet...

romantic decay said...

this is very pretty. i love your work.