Friday, November 12, 2010

It's A Winner Today Giveaway

Of course, I knew you all would have lots of fresh, exciting ideas about how to use the 3-hole center drilled keys. You're so creative and brilliant!

Someone asked me how I keep the drill going through the pewter key charm - I don't use a handheld drill, I have a flex shaft. It's almost like holding a pencil except a lot louder!

But you all want to know who was the winner, right?

Out of all the great answers I got, and there are some real special keepers in there, the winners are LOIS MOON and DEBORAH

So click on the Ringleader of LLYYNN on the left sidebar, send me an email with your contact information, and I'll send the 3-hole key out to each of you.

And - AS A BONUS - everyone who answered on the original giveaway post gets FREE SHIPPING for the rest of the month of November on any Etsy shop purchase. Just put 'KEYSTROKES' in the notes at checkout to let me know you're taking advantage of the free shipping, and to remind me.

Thank you all very much. Great ideas! I can't wait to try some of them myself.


Deborah said...

Lynn - Imagine the surprise of seeing myself as a winner of this great key! Thank you SO much!

Lois Moon said...

I thought I had already read the winners of your giveaway on another blog. Imagine my surprise when I scrolled down...a classic bulging eyes moment. Thank you so much!

Deborah said...

Lynn - I received my key and I love it! I plan to use it in a Thanksgiving necklace.

Thank you SO much!