Monday, March 3, 2008

Four From One Venus

Gleaming Gems

The long glass piece in the earlier post, Venus Rising, has been turned into a set of gems. Can't believe how they turned out. The one long piece was cut into four, shaped and beveled. Then all four were fire polished.

The bevels turned out great, love what it did for the edges in reducing the bulk and making the pieces faceted like gems.

See the light bouncing off the bevels on the edges? Complex and deep bevels, but the backing of the cabochons is opaque, a pinkish color glass. Could be a necklace, earrings and a bracelet. Or could be a multi-part necklace with chain and faceted gemstones.

Can't decide whether to use them to make something myself, or post them as loose gems and see what someone else decides to make from them.

Need to use this same technique to make more like it. Very vintage, interesting and definitely one of a kind.

Could be wire wrapped like a gemstone, or set into a bevel setting. Or used with precious metal clay to make a setting for them. Thinking about possibilities creates desire to start in on them!

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