Saturday, May 24, 2008

In The Works

In Process In Progress

Sometimes you share a favorite recipe with a friend, and they add something to it and make it even more special. In this case, some bird beads have been turned into some marvelous jewelry designs by Lorelei. She has wonderful ideas about how to use the beads in ways not thought of before!

Headed down to Studio B to set up the new soldering iron, the tip that came with it may be too wide. The old (really old) Weller seems about to be done for good, may have to keep coaxing it along until a narrower tip for the new Mika iron can be ordered.

Might try to cut some glass to put in the kiln, the firing take several hours and other things can be worked while it ramps up.

Made some black textured ovals, need to attach the findings to those and several others. Have some costume pearls and faux crystal bicone beads in the dyepot.

Also tagged today to be the Guest Blogger for Art Bead Scene's Saturday Studio. A story told by all, when created items take on a life and accent of their own. Put a comment on the Art Bead Saturday Studio site posting, you might win!

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