Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Word Soup - Beads of Glass

Here are some of the fused pieces after they have been through the first two firings.

They haven't been shaped on the grinder yet.

These have designs and words embedded in them.

The 'S-U-M-M-E-R' bead has a shimmery blue image in it, like the designs that sunlight makes on the bottom of a swimming pool .

The 'H-E-A-R-T' bead has a translucent blue color embedded in the middle, and the reverse has some flower stems designs and words for a pattern on in the glass.

These need to be shaped and fire polished before they are ready to wear.

Don't these look summery and light for beads or clasp closures?


Anonymous said...

Yes, they do! Are you going to make any that say "Baby" or "Mama v2.0"? :D

LLYYNN said...

I'll have to see about that! Maybe, baby!

Echinacea said...

I LOVE your stuff! Ran across you on Etsy...I'm just getting started with glass fusing:

I just started using Ferro Sunshine Enamels:

Got them from, which is conveniently nearby in Clemmons, NC.

I have only done one firing with black so far, but I put it on one layer, capped with clear and fired it to full came out great

I don't know what kind of enamels you are using, but these might save you that extra firing


LLYYNN said...

And is as close as the internet, too, thankfully!

I will have to check out your work, sounds like we are in similar methods here.

I don't do the enamels and cap during the same firing because sometimes there are issues with smearing the image. I like to do a tack fuse first to solidify the image before capping with the clear glass.

I have seen some enamels also come up with bubbling unless you tack fuse them first. Wish it wasn't so!

Glad to hear you are having good luck with that, hope you don't experience the bubbles or the smears! Great feedback, thanks for the comment and for stopping by the blog! LOVE that warm glass ...

Echinacea said...

I'm firing a bunch right now and will get them on etsy in the next few days....

the two I fired before didn't have any bubbles, but that could be interesting, too!

I will keep an eye on your site....very nice!