Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Gears Turning

Wheels Turning Under Glass

Made these little fused glass cabs with bright red gears on a black glass background. You've heard the expression, you could hear the wheels turning in their head - well, these are the wheels turning beside your head, I guess.

The backing was shaped and rounded in the dapping block, then the sterling silver was attached for the earwires.

They are earrings, wrapped and encased in darkened patina metal.

I didn't want the part that goes through the ears to be darkened, so it's bright sterling color.

They look like tiny machine gears, capped with clear glass. Preserved. Faux-tique.

Say goodbye to one of my favorites - Walden Necklace has gone to its new owner - I sold it. I was happy to see someone loving it and wanting to wear it, and kind of sad to see it gone. It was a one of a kind piece, I can do something in a similar style, but those elements were kind of unusual.

Sometimes I'm stumped on how to use beads or focal elements, but that necklace just came together. Almost as though it knew how I should make it, and I just had to listen to the suggestions.

Magical. Does that ever happen for you? Where the design just happens in front of you?


Lorelei said...

Oh yes! All the time. I mean, not as often as I'd like it to!!
It helps to sit down at the beading table with a completely open mind, and 1 main element that you know you'd like to use. As I sit there, the ideas start flowing and it's almost like my fingers start doing the talking and all of a sudden it's all come to fruition out of no where.
You sit back and say, "wow- I can't believe I just made that!" It's quite magical!

LLYYNN said...

In defense of a messy workbench, that piece was put together somewhat by taking the things that were on the bench and pulling them together, they all spoke to me.

I wish I could say it was all pre-planned and designed with great detail ahead of time - but it wasn't!

Lorelei, all your things look magical to me! I can't figure out where all your unique ideas and designs come from, but I wish I could package it ... and have some myself

Fanciful Expressions said...

Oh Lynn, the earrings and the necklace are lovely. When I'm working in my studio everything happens very intuitively for me. I don't usually plan any of my designs ahead of time. I really like the feeling of everything coming together at the end and I can look at a piece and know it's right.


LLYYNN said...

Two good things about not pre-planning - whatever happens and comes out, it must have been what I was aiming for.

And I avoid disappointment in having a finalized idea in my head, and my hands not being able to make it come together.

If it works, it's working! LOL

Melissa J. Lee said...

Oooh, love the earrings and the concept. (Everything you do is so darn good! I'm envious.) Sometimes things come together immediately (the "O Mistress Mine" necklace I have up on my blog this week was like that) - sometimes, I get a flash of insight after struggling with a piece for weeks. There's nothing quite so satisfying.

LLYYNN said...

Melissa, I saw that on your blog, it's so unique, I love the bright colors - and I'm partial to using quotes, you've taken one that's very evocative!

I'm sure you thought a long time about what you wanted in that quote, and then it all worked together, lovely

Amanda said...

Oh, that Walden necklace looks beautiful! Its new owner is very lucky - at least it has gone to a good home. (:

And as a personal fan of gears, I aboslutely adore those earrings.

LLYYNN said...

Thanks, Amanda! I was hoping for a not-too-obvious bow to the steampunk look.

I wear a lot of black and red together, so that was an easy choice.

And I like earrings that don't have too many pieces to keep up with, like the little post thing in back, so these are self-locking. This style won't jump out of your ears if you shrug your shoulders, LOL